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We Are Dentist Owned…

Plug Into The Same Marketing Systems We Use
To Keep Hygiene Full, Drive High-Dollar Cases
And Drive Crazy High Profits Every Single Day
In Our Very Own Practices.

We Know What It Takes To Have A Profitable & Thriving Practice.
Because That’s What We Do.

How We Can Help

Plug In To Our Turn Key Marketing Solution

Plug into the same Google Ads (PPC), Call grading and systems we use to drive new patients everyday.

Consulting Intensive With Custom Marketing

Uncover bottlenecks and build systems and marketing solutions tailored to building the practice and lifestyle you want.

On Demand Digital Phone Training

Get the most out of every call.  Get instant access.  Hire someone today and have them trained by tomorrow.

We Have 1 Doctor Practices Averaging 100+
New Patients Per Month With Our Systems

We Have Turned Failing Practices Into Revenue Generating Machines With Full Schedules And Healthy Margins

 We have this down to a science.  We know how to find what is broken, and we know how to fix it.

We have Even Turned Brand New Practices In Crowded Markets Into The Dominant Player Within 12 Months.

It’s not magic.  Just proven marketing and systems.

You Need More Than Just Ads To Get The Results You Want.

We don’t just market practices, but own them.  What we’ve found is that even with the best ads driving calls to your office; if you don’t have all of these elements in place, you’re just throwing your money away.

Solid Marketing To Drive Qualified Leads

Lead flow starts with solid marketing to deliver qualified patients who are looking for the services you provide. 

Profitable Systems

Proven internal systems in place to increase efficiency and maximize your profitability. 

Call Grading & Training To Maximize Calls

Proper training along with call screening and grading to save you from loosing money and good leads.

Ready To Have A Practice You Love?

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Dr Steve Dove and his wife are both dentists, and after failing many times, have developed systems that foster team growth, profitability, and most importantly, happiness.  Steve is adamant that other dentists don’t make the same mistakes he did, and this became his driving force for Patient Drive

Dr. Steve Dove, DDS

Co-Founder / Partner

Bryan has been in marketing and consulting for over a decade consulting with multi-billion dollar brands.  Combining his knowledge with the experience of Dr. Steve Dove, DDS, Patient Drive has been able to develop marketing and training systems for the dental industry that others are simply not able to replicate.

Bryan Crawford

Co-Founder / Partner

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