For Dental Practice Owners Only:
We Used To Lose Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Month In Missed Treatment 
Due To Poorly Handled Phone Calls At Our Front Desk.
This is How We Fixed It And How You Can Too In Just A Few Hours...
Are You Ready
To Turn Your Front Desk Into An ATM?
In Just A Few Hours You Can Train Your Team To Turn More Calls Into Appointments..Filling More Chairs And Increasing Your Revenue.
With Our Front Desk Dialed In, Last Month We Added Over 140 New Patients
To Just One Of Our Offices!
Hi I'm         
Jeremy Jackson
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From: Dr. Steve Dove, DDS
RE: Your Practice Is Losing Money

Dear Practice Owner,

As a dentist who has gone from having a failing practice with only 8 new patients per month to now having multiple EXTREMELY profitable practices; I can tell you that if you're wanting to increase new patient growth, grow revenue and explode profit... then this could be the most important letter you read.

Not to mention the best advice I can give you as a fellow dentist.

Especialy with how dentistry has become so competitive with patients "shopping" more now than ever when it comes to high-dollar procedures.

Ironically the very thing that gave me financial freedom, while allowing me to cut back to only 2 clinical days per week...also lead to my team being rock-solid and happier as well.

My second practice we started from scratch just 2 years ago....
Within 12 Months We Became The Dominant Player In A Crowded Market And Now Average Over 90 New Patients Per Month With Only One Doctor.
In fact, here is a picture of me at that practice.  With so many new patients, we are adding 5 ops.
Much because of what I am sharing with you here.

This one piece to the “puzzle” has proven to be THE CATALYST in us landing new patients

Especially the high-dollar cases that really add to your bottom line and give you more of the cases you love.

In many ways, NOTHING else matters unless this part of your practice is DIALED IN.

Not your experience, level of clinical skill, how nice your office is...NONE OF IT.  

Because for ANY of that to matter (and all of your training to be worth it) the end of the day you need to not only have patients to treat, but enough of them to cover the overhead and leave you a healthy profit.


Well, the truth is if you are like most offices...
You are losing
per month, simply because
Your Font desk Is Not Handling calls Properly And Losing Patients. 
And you don't even know it.

I didn't.

It sounds simple…... but think about it. 

One call could be worth SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS to you.

In fact just a few days ago we spoke with a dentist who thought things were “slow.” 
When We Audited His Calls We Found A Steady Flow Of Implant, Crown And Invisalign Calls
He Never Even Knew He Had!

Not only was revenue lost by losing those cases, but they also lost every dollar in marketing that was spent to get those calls in the first place!

And I hate to say it, but I can guarantee this is happening to you too

Just like it was me.

Whether it's a call on referral or from the best marketing campaign on the planet...
With Every Call Your Desk Does Not Get On The Schedule, You Are THROWING MONEY AWAY.
And TRUST ME...just because your desk is warm and friendly with callers on the phone does not mean they are good at closing them.

Until I tracked this, I honestly had NO IDEA how much money I was loosing.

As the practice owner and leader, I knew it was up to me to help my team get the training they needed to be successful (and for me to have the profitable practice I deserved).

And while I waited for the next out of town weekend workshop...
I felt like I was BLEEDING money with every call, just waiting to train my team.
And once I FINALLY did. I will tell you...
Training My Team To Get More Calls In Chairs Was Like Installing An ATM At My Front Desk.
I quickly realized NO ONE should be allowed to take calls WITHOUT BEING PROPERLY TRAINED FIRST.

It just costs us too much money in lost revenue.

And having an expensive answering service take my calls meant my new patients had ZERO interaction with my team before they arrived for their appointment. 

So, I knew I needed a way to keep my team polished and train new hires fast...without waiting for months and needing to leave the office to attend an out of town seminar.

So after years of spending THOUSANDS on training for our own practices (and disecting HUNDREDS of client calls)...we have taken the best of what we know WORKS and condensed everything into a powerhouse online digital training.

And to keep you from bleeding money like I was...we are offering access to you.

We call it...
In just a few hours you can
Train your Desk To Turn More Calls Into Patients
Without Having To Leave The Office!
Simple put...there is no filler or fluff here.  

This is a condensed, fast track training that gives you as the practice owner...

  • ​The ability to turn your front desk into rock stars.  Making you more money and giving patients a better experience while strengthening your brand.
  • A way to train new hires and polish veterans within just a few hours right from your office.  (You can have new hire trained on the first day so you never have to worry about them bombing a call, embarrassing your office and costing you money.)
  • No need to rely on expensive answering services to close new patient calls. (So patients already know your team when they arrive giving them a better experience).
  • ​Online, instant, unlimited access.  You can train as many people as you need as often as you need, for less than the cost of a single seat at a seminar.
Sure, there is no replacement for having a face to face in-person training.  But, without having to pay for extra hours, travel and expensive seminar tickets...this is the absolute closest thing to us sitting next to them in your office.
Here is Just Some Of What Is Included...

  • ​The "perfect call checklist” with call flow outline to help them nail every call and turn more calls into patients in your chair.  (This is the same checklist we use internally to grade all of our client calls).
  • The 6 critical items they must know to keep from embarrassing your office, upsetting patients and saying things they should not be saying.
  • ​How to schedule appointments leaving patients feeling appreciated, excited and confident that you are the doctor they need to see. (This dramatically reduces cancellations and keeps them from going to your competitors even if you cost more).
  • ​The 3 critical things that must take place on every call to reduce call backs and time needed in office for paperwork at the time of appointment. (This increases office flow and efficiency helping you stay on time.)
  • ​ An entire module dedicated to overcoming the most common objections that lose patients and cost you money. Including the famous, "Why are you more expensive?" and "Your office is too far."
  • ​How to avoid cancellations reducing stress, downtime on your schedule and unnecessary work in rescheduling.
  • ​Burst through call anxiety so calls are more natural, form a stronger connection with the patient, increasing show ups and boosting your credibility. (This is great in helping patient referrals).
Plus We Break Down Real Recorded Calls To Help your team... 
  • ​Hear real-world application of what is taught to help them understand not just what to say, but why it is said.
  • ​Listen to what "bad" calls sounds like and understand what went wrong so they don't make the same mistakes in your office
  • ​Experience the techniques in action to move calls along faster and more efficiently keeping good patients from hanging up without scheduling.
And unlike having to sift through notes from a seminar, with 24/7 access to these calls your team can get a quick refresher anytime by actually listening to how techniques are used.  This is great for when they find themselves stuck with certain objections or are just not getting through calls how they want.
We Used To Spend Thousands On Seminars, Lodging And Travel To Train Our New Hires At Out Of Town Events.

But Now You Can Train As Many People As You Want
For A Fraction Of The Price.
You Can Gab Your Copy
And Get Instant Access For Only:
With an average new patient value of $1,000.
This training pays for itself 4 X's if all it does is save just one call.
And by the way...if you are not averaging AT LEAST $1K per new patient in the first 12 months.  You REALLY need this training.
And Of Course You Are 100% Protected
You have a complete 30 days to ask for a refund!
30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Our guarantee is simple.  If for any reason you are not happy with this training, within 30 days of purchase simply let us know and we will refund every questions asked.

And as a thank you for giving us a try, we will let you keep our proven call flow checklists for your team to use as our gift to you. 
Get Instant Unliimted Access
  • Train As Many Team Members As You Need
  • ​Access Never Expires 
  • ​Training Kept Up To Date
100% No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... I am offering you almost a 20% discount on our New Patient Phone Mastery Course. These are the same techniques we use in our offices to turn our front desks into ATM machine's by turning more calls into patietns in my chair.
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